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Justin Nech : America’s Song Writer Psycho

Written by Sean Sara

In a recent interview with Justin Nech, the creative process behind his latest song “American Psycho” was unveiled, putting light on the title choice and the influences that shaped its sound. Justin shared that the title itself was a standout element for him, with the combination of “American” and “Psycho” creating a powerful statement that carries  the album’s vibe while paying homage to the iconic movie!

When asked about the ideal scenario for someone listening to his music, Justin emphasized the energy and liveliness of his songs, suggesting that they are best experienced live. Justin highlighted the dynamic and sexy nature of the music that sets it apart from the rest.

Reflecting on the infectious nature of “American Psycho,” Justin shared humorous anecdotes of friends and fans getting the catchy lyrics stuck in their heads, showcasing the song’s ability to leave a lasting impression. 

With fans already showing lots of love for “American Psycho,” Justin shared memorable reactions, including playful threats that align with the album’s psychotic and crazy vibe. An unforgettable one was a fan casually joking that she is gonna steal her grandmas wheelchair until the full song is released! Teasing an upcoming music video filled with visually captivating shots and references to the movie, Justin hinted at a cinematic experience that will elevate the storytelling of his music.

As Justin celebrated his birthday and song release with exciting projects ahead, the anticipation for his music continues to grow. When asked about a signature drink inspired by “American Psycho” in mind, Justin envisioned a drink that embodies strength, spiciness, and excitement without any specifics to play into the mystery which we find fitting for the energetic and unique essence of his music.

With its blend of genres, energetic vibes, and captivating storytelling, “American Psycho” promises to be a standout song that leaves a lasting impact on listeners ready for an album.

Justin’s creative vision and passion for music shine through in every aspect of his work, making him an artist to watch in the music scene.